Crowdfunder Trillion Fund offers investors 7.5% for three-year, peer-to-peer wind turbine loan

15th January 2015


UK crowdfunding platform Trillion Fund has launched a peer-to-peer loan offering investors a rate of 7.5% if they invest before the end of February.

Lenders can pledge as little as £50 and their cash which will go towards the installation of up to 10 new wind turbines across the country, which according to the group will generate enough electricity to power more than 500 homes.

Peer-to-peer loans work like a bond investment, in that they are interest paying I.O.Us. In this case, the offer carries a three-year term and an investor lending £1,000 before 28 February would receive twice yearly interest payments of £37.50, generating total interest of £225, with the capital repaid when the loan matures.

The loan will be secured against a maximum of 10 operational wind turbines located across the UK that are owned by E5 Energy, a venture set up by Endurance Wind Power, a manufacturer of small and mid-size wind turbines.

The turbines are operated and maintained by Earthmill, and generate revenue from fixed Feed-in Tariffs and the sale of electricity to the National Grid.

Trillion Fund, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and specialises in raising money for environmental and social projects, will crowdfund a maximum loan of £2.5m, with a minimum threshold of £1.25m.

The raise is the second wind energy peer-to-peer loan from the group. The platform raised £1.25m for E2 Energy, a joint venture between Endurance and Earthmill, in August 2014.

Julia Groves, chief executive of Trillion Fund, said: “The opportunity to invest directly in renewable energy with as little as £50 is unique – most funds require a lot more as a minimum investment.

“Cutting out middleman fees through the peer-to-peer model enables us to offer better rates to the borrowers as well as the lenders, so everyone gets a better deal. Because the loan is secured against existing assets, some of the risk of lending is removed. The loan funds newly-installed turbines, so it also helps the UK meet its clean energy targets by generating more wind power.”

Brett Pingree, vice president, commercial, of Endurance Wind Power, added: “Our aim with the first raise was to open up access to renewable energy for everyday savers and investors, which we achieved. Now, we’re offering even more everyday investors the chance to support the UK’s clean energy supply which chimes with Endurance’s on-going community focus.”

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