Debunking economic myths

12th June 2012

Germany, Not Greece, Should Exit the Euro

"Germany's exit would provide immediate benefits to all the remaining euro-area nations. The currency depreciation would radically improve their trade competitiveness – exactly what many observers have said the weaker nations in the south need most." Bloomberg


Why Elites Fail

"People must be able to rise and fall along with their accomplishments and failures. When a slugger loses his swing, he should be benched; when a trader loses money, his bonus should be cut." But this ideal, appealing as it may be, runs up against the reality of what actually happens. The Nation


Debunking economic myths

Are federal deficits really the scariest problem the economy faces? Should governments work by the same budgetary rules as families? And do firms actually exist to create jobs?  Economist Eric Schuck debunks some economic myths that are commonly accepted as truth. Oregon Live


What Happened to India?

Populist government spending on poorly targeted giveaways and the inability of the supply side of the economy to keep pace has, in turn, led to elevated inflation, and stifled India's enormous engines of potential growth, writes Raghuram Rajan. Project Syndicate


Timothy Noah on The Inequality Crisis

In this interview, the American journalist says despite the fact that income inequality has reached a crisis point in the US; powerful nationwide pressure to address the problem from the likes of Occupy Wall Street, means there's an opportunity for change. The Browser


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