Diets shed more pounds from wallets than waistlines

15th May 2015


The cost of wanting to lose a few pounds before your summer holiday is not cheap, with the average person spending £280 a year on dieting.


A total of 42% of people – or 27 million – have dieted in the last 12 months, according to budgeting account provider Thinkmoney, with the average person shelling out £280 in a bid to lose weight.


Individuals are splashing the cash on gym memberships, personal trainers, fitness DVDs and apps – all of these coming at the top of the list for diet-related spending.


Slimming clubs and specialist diet plans still rank highly alongside purchases of juicers and kitchen scales.


Of those surveyed, 88% lost up to two stones, with men proving more successful at shedding the weight than women. Over half, 55%, said they were happy with their weight loss and the money they spent achieving it but 17% were disappointed and 30% said they regretted spending so much on their diet.


Ian Williams of Thinkmoney said: ‘We are constantly bombarded with stories about rising obesity rates and advice on what we should and shouldn’t eat, so it’s not surprising that so many of us are obsessed with dieting.


‘The industry around diets and fitness is big business and the research shows just how much people are prepared to spend in an effort to lose a few pounds…While eating well and exercising have enormous benefits to the way we feel, as well as the way we look, our message would be watch how much you are spending and look for some things you can do for free such as running and going for a long walk.’


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