Do you need a dashcam? A quarter of motorists cannot prove innocence and face higher premiums

3rd September 2015


More than a quarter of drivers, at 27%, have been involved in an accident which was not their fault but they were still unable to prove their innocence, according to new research from

The analysis from the price comparison site found that despite the fact that installing a dashboard camera could help exonerate these innocent motorists, just 15% have one.

The main reason, cited by 45% of motorists, that they steer clear of the new technology is that they doubt it would have any impact on the cost of their car insurance premium.

But it seems the misconception that dashcams are expensive to buy is putting drivers off too, with 40% saying that the cost is stopping them forking out for a dashcam, even though they are available for as little as £50. A further quarter of motorists think that having a dashcam would make their car more desirable to thieves

However with premiums already on the rise, and further increases expected in November when the increased Insurance Premium Tax kicks in, most would consider installing a dashcam for a saving of less than £90 a year.

The survey also found that more than nine in 10 motorists recognise that a dashcam could prove their innocence in the event of a claim while a further 86% cite protection against fraudulent claims as the biggest benefit of having one.  Over a third, at 35% believe that having a dashcam fitted in their car would make them a better driver – all of which could help keep their premiums down.

But it is not all about the money they could save claimed uSwitch. It found that 75% believe a dashcam could make the claiming process quicker and easier. Even being caught out as the guilty party in an accident is not putting prohibiting take-up as some may expect, as 69% would happily share dashcam footage even if they were at fault during an accident.

However, dashcams are growing in popularity and 70% of motorists believe that in 10 years time all new cars will be fitted with one.

Rod Jones, insurance expert at says: “Unfortunately, it’s not a case of innocent until proven guilty when it comes to car insurance. With so many motorists facing hefty insurance premium increases after making a claim, anything they can do to prove their innocence should get the green light.

“Installing dashcams in cars could save both drivers and insurers time and money. However, not enough insurers will take these devices into account when they quote. The insurance industry needs to follow AXA and Swiftcover’s lead and offer dashcam discounts in the same way that many providers already do for telematics. Any new technology that helps responsible drivers keep the brakes on rising premiums should be embraced.”

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