Do you use your bank card as an ice scraper, a tool for grouting or give it to the kids as a toy? (Or maybe as a bank card?)

7th November 2013

So what do you use your bank card for? It seems that these versatile rectangles of plastic have many more uses than just getting money out the hole in the wall. A survey conducted for Thinkmoney, which describes itself as a budgeting account provider, shows that cards have many other uses, though probably not those for which they were designed.

The survey was conducted for Thinkmoney by  market research firm Consumer Intelligence. It asked 2,940 people about the other uses to which they put their card listed below. We are not sure whether our favourite is the very popular scraping ice off the car or spreading glue or grout.

Uses to which you put your bank card

** Scraping ice off the car (19%)

** As a small ruler (14%)

** As a nail cleaner (7%)

** As a screwdriver (4%)

** To clean a keyboard (3%)

** As a toy for the kids (3%)

** For opening a lock (when locked out) (2%)

** To spread glue/grout (2%)

** To cut soft items with (1%)

Thinkmoney is extrapolating from the survey to the whole population with the following assertion. “With winter just around the corner, thinkmoney has found that more than nine million Britons (19%) will reach for their wallet rather than the de-icer to clear the windscreen.

“But using a bank card to shift ice on a frosty morning isn’t the only creative use that people have found for their plastic. Thinkmoney also discovered that 14% of men and women (equivalent to 7 million people) have used their card as a small ruler.

It also suggests that across the country, those living in Wales are most likely to reach for their bank card to scrape ice off the car (26%) while 12% of people in that haven of common sense the North East of England residents said the same. (or maybe they just get fewer frosts).

And if your glue covered, frost bitten card won’t work or if your kids won’t give it back to you, thinkmoney can help.

Ian Williams, director of communications at budgeting account provider thinkmoney, said: “We all rely on our banks cards on an almost daily basis, so it’s a surprise that so many of us seem to be willing to abuse them. Thinkmoney customers who damage or lose their thinkmoney card can arrange to pick up cash at PayPoint retailers. To do so they simply request the amount they want online or by phone and we’ll text them a voucher to show the retailer. It’s another way we help our customers.”

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