Don’t cut tuition fees, cut the number of students

21st July 2010

For those of us who had the luxury of a state-funded university education, the current debate on a graduate tax is a little guilt-inducing. Not least because it is becoming clear how much a university education truly costs.

The cap on tuition fees is currently £3,225 and it had been widely thought that this cap would be raised or abolished, leaving luckless parents and/or students paying over £20,000 for three-year degree courses.

This is on top of the £9,500 living costs, estimated by the National Union of Students.

Vince Cable has proposed a ‘graduate tax', or rather a ‘variable graduate contribution tied to earnings', which would replace all existing funding, as reported here on the BBC.

Degrees would once again become ‘free' and graduates would pay a proportion of their income. Cable defends his proposals here in this Daily Telegraph video cast.

Cut numbers, not fees?

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