Don’t get caught out by the old snap next week

8th January 2016


A blast of snow from the North Pole is expected next week so you need to ensure you keep safe on the road: here’s how to avoid a breakdown


One insurer has warned motorists to be vigilant and check their vehicles ahead of any journey ahead of icy temperatures and snowy conditions setting in next week.


Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV= Britannia Rescue, said: ‘With fog, ice and snow predicted next week, the likelihood of breaking down or having an accident is significantly increased.’


However, he has also come up with some tips to help prevent a problem on the road.


Car maintenance:


* Give your car a once-over before travelling and make sure the windscreen, lights and mirrors are clean and that brakes and door locks are in order.

* Check tyre pressure and treads and look for any splits in the tyres. Make sure you have a spare just in case.

* If your car is struggling to start, use the ignition in short five-second bursts, leaving thirty seconds between attempt to allow the battery to recover.

* Check you insurance to make sure your car and belongings are covered.

* Keep some de-cier at home to help if your doors freeze from the cold weather. Having it in the car won’t help if you can’t reach it.

* Antifreeze can help prevent your engine from freezing up but check you can use it in your coolant system first.

Inside your car:


* Plan your journey and have a printout of your route.
* Make sure you have plenty of screen wash at the right strength so it doesn’t freeze in the bottle, a torch, high vis jacket, and a warning triangle.

* Make sure your emergency contact details, insurance and road rescue information are handy.

* Keep blankets and food and water in the car in case you have to stay in it.

* Keep a fully-stocked first aid kit in the boot

* Make sure your phone is fully charged ahead of a journey and if possible bring a charger with you



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