E.On cuts gas prices and launches new best buy deal

20th January 2016


Energy giant E.On has cut gas prices by £32 per year for existing customers, but for a much bigger saving of £310 from annual bills households will have to switch tariffs.

GoCompare.com, the price comparison website says that by offering a “measly” 5.1% saving on gas prices for existing standard tariff customers and a whopping £310 for new ones, energy giant E.ON has sent the clearest message yet that the only way hard-pressed Brits are going to be able to reduce their energy bills substantially is by switching.

Ben Wilson, energy spokesman at GoCompare.com  says: “This time last year, E.ON pulled exactly the same stunt and topped the table with a one year fix at £923.  It shows how far the best buys have improved since then that today’s table-topping one year fix is down to just £783 a year, on average.

“While the price reduction for standard tariff customers will be welcomed, the message from E.ON is quite clear – if you really want to save big money on your energy bills these days, you need to switch to a better deal. Standard tariffs almost always represent the absolute worst value, and should be avoided where possible.

“E.ON’s move spells out the options for households on standard tariffs up and down the country.  If you stick with your current provider’s standard tariff you might be lucky enough to get a few quid back, but if you are prepared to switch you could save over £300.”


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