ECB key to Eurozone

21st October 2011

The view here is that the ECB has been a key driver of Eurozone woes by allowing the real money supply to contract from late 2010, compounding its error by raising interest rates this spring. Resulting economic weakness has undermined fiscal consolidation plans and, by extension, market perceptions of sovereign solvency.

Even a leveraged EFSF would be unable to offset the damage inflicted by continued deflationary monetary policy. A refusal to expand the facility could be the best way of forcing the ECB to change course. Market turmoil following such a decision could hand Sig. Draghi the bargaining power to overrule the Bundesbankers and cut interest rates while launching "proper" QE – a direct liquidity injection via large-scale bond purchases spread across sovereign markets in proportion to national GDPs (thereby avoiding the charge of a backdoor bail-out of peripheral miscreants).

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