EE and O2 raise monthly mobile bills

4th March 2015

Mobile providers O2 and EE have announced they will put up their prices by 1.1%.

The increase is equivalent to the February inflation rate as measured by the retail prices index.

Ernest Doku, mobiles expert at said:”This week’s price rises from O2 and EE will be frustrating news for many existing customers.

“Ofcom has taken significant steps to protect mobile users from mid-contract price hikes, but opportunities to put up monthly fees clearly still exist and customers continue to be subject to annual increases at the hands of mobile operators.

“Networks do now make it clear when customers sign up that they will increase their prices in line with RPI once a year. In doing so, it is very hard for customers to leave their contract without penalty when this inevitably happens.”

Doku said that there are a few things customers can do to leave their contract within the minimum term if their operator raises prices.

He said: “Take a look at out-of-bundle costs – for example, if you use international numbers and these prices are increased substantially, you maybe able to prove that it constitutes a ‘material detriment’ to your experience, and you can likely make a case for leaving early.

“Some providers, such as Three and Tesco Mobile, do offer a ‘price promise’ to customers, pledging that they will charge the same amount for the entire minimum duration of their contract, and offering protection from any mid-contract price hikes.

“If you are outside your minimum contract term, then you are entirely within your rights to vote with your feet, and leave without incurring any additional charges.”

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