End this depression, but how?

16th May 2012

End This Depression, But How?

In his new book End This Depression Now! Paul Krugman dismantles pro-austerity arguments. But by "treating the initial crisis as an anomaly caused by irresponsible financial behavior," writes Fred Block, he surrenders "the structuralist high ground to right-wing economists." Dissent Magazine


The Truth About JP Morgan's $2 Billion Loss

Here's one: JP Morgan "is the creator of credit default swaps – which caused the 2008 financial crisis, and is the asset class which blew up and caused the loss." The Big Picture


Bubbles Are the Super-Rich's Best Friend

Matthew O'Brien says if we want to get serious about inequality, we have to get serious about fixing financial markets that are divorced from any economic fundamentals — or rules. The Atlantic


The Boom Not the Slump: The Right Time for Austerity

Key findings from a new paper show that rarely are countries able to cut spending during a slump without suffering from slowed growth or higher debt ratios. Next New Deal


Companies Aim to Start Spending Trillions They're Hoarding

With corporations around the world set to spend some of the nearly $8 trillion in emergency cash they've amassed, Neil Shah reports that this could help nudge the U.S. recovery onto stronger footing-and make it less vulnerable to Europe's troubles and America's own looming fiscal challenges. Real Time Economics


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