‘Euro 80% likely to collapse’ according to CEBR

13th December 2010


What happened?

Douglas McWilliams, CEBR chief exec told the Telegraphs economics editor Philip Aldrick that the euro had ‘a one in five chance of surviving', but the headline they ran was ‘euro has a one in five chance of collapse'. McWilliams (comment now removed) raised this issue on the comment boards, highlighting that Philip Aldrick had actually gotten it right in the article, but the headline was, well, incorrect.


Reader's response

Readers were quick to notice the discrepancy, as RiskManager says:

"Excellent, a source correcting the editors. More of this please. Editors and many journalists answer to no one. Who better to demonstrate to the readers the quality of the output and thus the seriousness with which it should be treated.

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