European court rules airline luggage fees allowed

19th September 2014


Many travellers baulk at the idea of paying to take more than just hand luggage on a flight by a European court has ruled airlines are within their rights to charge customers for checking-in luggage.

The European Court of Justice has ruled that airlines could charge passengers for bringing more than hand luggage on board. Easyjet charges £45 to check in a bag at the desk and Ryanair, the budget airline everyone loves to hate, charges up to £70 depending on the season and the route.

The court agreed that airlines faced extra costs storing and processing checked in luggage but said that hand baggage was necessary for passengers and therefore should not be slapped with a fee.

Budget airlines have long irritated customers with their long list of additional fees which sees them charging for everything from priority check-in to seat allocation.

The court oversaw a challenge by Spanish budget carrier Vueling Airlines against a Spanish law preventing airlines from charging passengers who want to put their luggage in the aircraft hold.

Spanish authorities had fined the airline €3,000 (£2,360) for adding €40 to the price of four return tickets bought by a passenger flying between La Coruna in Spain to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


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