Eurozone’s Possible ‘Lehman Moment’: What it Means for US (video)

28th May 2012

Eurozone's Possible 'Lehman Moment': What it Means for US

What is the European scenario that the U.S. should be most worried about? Kenneth Rogoff and Josh Bivens try to answer this complex question. PBS Newshour


Obama attacks Romney about text book economics

At a Denver fundraiser, the President attacked the presumptive Republican nominee for using textbook economics to explain real world problems. CNN


Five factors that helped us emerge from the 1930s recession

Economics writer George Trefgarne says spending cuts, tax cuts, confidence in the banking system, low interest rates, and welfare reform rescued Britain from its 1930s recession. BBC


The morality of taxation

Eamonn Butler discusses the morality of taxation, which he wrote about for the Taxpayers' Alliance's excellent new report, The Single Income Tax. Adam Smith Institute


Paul Krugman's alien invasion strategy

Could the specter of an alien invasion really end America's economic depression? Economist Paul Krugman seems to think so. HBO


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