You say you want a resolution

The Beatles sang: “We all want to change the world.” But it’s not often that finance types get the chance to feel like they’re really doing it, and for the better. Not really. As Annual General Meeting season approaches, investors in oil giants BP and Shell face a historic opportunity this year to vote in […]

27 March 2015 by Catherine Howarth



When it comes to responsible investment, supporting a Parliamentary amendment is more effective than carrying a snazzy tote bag

I doubt very much whether the conversation in your house over Christmas turned to how much you’d really like to have more information about your pension savings. Likewise, on Christmas morning, I doubt very much whether the one thing you’d have liked from Santa would be a few more boring pension statements, in addition to […]

20 January 2015 by Catherine Howarth



Responsible investment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing returns

Recent research published by Hermes Investment Management gives encouragement to those who would like to see Responsible Investment issues at the heart of the debate about looking after the long-term interests of savers, but we need to get beyond a perception that engaging on environmental, social and governance issues means sacrificing investment returns. We also […]

20 October 2014 by Catherine Howarth

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