UK Housing Becoming a Buyers’ Market? Not good for estate agents…

The UK media has not tired of bombarding readers with news stories about the runaway nature of the London property market in particular, and the UK housing market in general, this year. As I have been looking to buy a bolt-hole in London, this strong price momentum has been particularly annoying, with properties flying off […]

16 September 2014 by Edmund Shing



Asos – a timely reminder of the dangers of “glamour” stocks and four with more appeal

Okay, let’s start with a quick disclaimer: as a fund manager, I admit that I have a bent towards stocks that display a combination of value (cheap), quality (profitable) and momentum (prices moving higher) characteristics. So given Asos’ (code: ASC:L)  lofty 2014 forecast P/E ratio of 77x as of yesterday, it was clearly never going […]

5 June 2014 by Edmund Shing



Stay in May and don’t fly away…

I find that I am greatly tiring of the plethora of articles which arrive around this time of year, urging investors to “sell in May and go away – come back on St Leger’s day”. Every year following May Day it is the same story but I believe the record needs to be set straight… […]

6 May 2014 by Edmund Shing

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Has sell in May and go away come early? It’s not over just yet for stocks

Bond funds back in vogue in April Now that May Day is upon us, we can start to look back at the month of April and pick out some interesting market trends (and not just the overly-repeated “sell in May and go away”!). One way to do this is to look simply at which types […]

1 May 2014 by Edmund Shing



Edmund’s ETF/IT Portfolio Up 2.8% in 3 weeks

So Far, So Good… If we look at the performance of our 6-member portfolio of UK-listed Exchange-Traded Funds (3 in total) and Investment Trusts (another 3) which I launched on Mindful Money on Friday February 10, (Introducing Our new ETF, Investment Trust Model Portfolio) I think we can say that it has been satisfactory so […]

6 March 2014 by Edmund Shing



Still time to climb on the housebuilders’ ladder

Surely UK house builders have done so well already, that they can’t possibly have much further to go? When the heated state of the UK housing market becomes headline news on a regular basis, then as a stock investor, you have to be worried, right?  While that might normally make sense, in this case I […]

27 February 2014 by Edmund Shing

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