‘I want a full, frank and fair discussion with my clients on fund costs. Fund managers need to help’

The subject of fees, particularly those that are not readily identifiable in fund charging structures, is one that continually appears in industry discussions.  There has long been a debate about what the effect of these charges are and how they impact upon an investors expectations of returns. Explicit fees are obviously those that are readily […]

18 October 2016 by Lee Robertson



My indecision on the EU

The British public are going to the polls to vote in a referendum on the 23rd June this year on whether to stay as part of the European Union or not. This is potentially the biggest vote on the future direction of the United Kingdom and its place in the world that we have ever […]

25 April 2016 by Lee Robertson

Investment Insight


What can we expect from this pre-election Budget?

It’s almost here.  The Chancellor, George Osborne, will deliver his last coalition budget before the general election in May to Parliament this Wednesday 18 March 2015. He has now built something of a reputation for using such occasions to introduce truly major reforms.  We have had the ‘pension revolution’ in last year’s budget allowing anyone […]

17 March 2015 by Lee Robertson



An ‘at a glance guide’ to the Budget from a top financial planner

We have all become rather used to Budgets long on rhetoric and short on action but this trend does seem to have been reversed this time by the Chancellor.  A whole raft of measures look set to impact on the adviser, the insurer, the fund managers and the investing public.  It may just be the […]

19 March 2014 by Lee Robertson