Pensions ‘liberation’. What price freedom?

The coverage in the press about the reforms to annuities announced in the recent Budget was almost universally positive – indeed in some quarters it verged on euphoria. Few commentators – even consumer representatives – seemed to raise many concerns about the potential risks associated with the reforms. Now that the initial clamour has died […]

9 April 2014 by Mick McAteer

Expert Opinion


Big data: A big deal or just “big deal”?

The phenomenon that is ‘Big Data’ is much discussed these days so I thought it would be worth giving an overview of what this might mean for consumers. Big Data is not new. Quantum physicists, meteorologists, astronomers, geneticists and, of course, internet providers have relied on a combination of unimaginably large volumes of data, technological […]

13 January 2014 by Mick McAteer