Whatever happened to 4G? Or is this Moore’s law in reverse?

Whatever happened to 4G – the super high speed mobile internet that was supposed to revolutionise both our lives and the phone firm profits? Taking a look behind the hype can be instructive for tech stock investors. It suggests that our appetite for constant improvement has its limits. What worked 10 years ago for customer […]

16 May 2014 by Tony Levene



The Royal Mail sell off – if Vince Cable won’t resign then at least he should apologise

An old City adages suggests “always leave something for the next man” – it was composed in an era when women were absent from the market – so give the buyer the expectation of a gain or they’ll shun a stock if they think it is fully or over-valued. That’s the basis behind pricing an […]

1 April 2014 by Tony Levene