Statistics that show why we all need to save more

17th February 2015 by Jessica

Working in financial services requires you to keep up to speed with the ever changing financial landscape and the many changes that come into play regarding legislation. And so in my quest to remain informed, and whilst studying for yet another exam, I came across an array of shocking statistics that reminded me of why I do the job that I do.

Often when I meet people for the first time and we discuss financial goals and objectives they can be disillusioned as to how important financial planning is, how important retirement planning is, and most of all why we need to be saving.

I have come across a lot of statistics over the years, demonstrating the fact the population isn’t saving enough. I will often mention these to my clients, but sometimes I feel they fall on deaf ears. They are brushed off and swept conveniently under the carpet.

My head in the books the other day I came across another plethora of shocking statistics. I want to share these with you. I have not made them up. I have not heard them in passing. These are real statistics that really brought home to me, once again, the absolute need for effective financial planning and the stark truth that each and every one of us isn’t saving enough!

Millions face an impoverished old age because they are putting away a fraction of what they need for a comfortable retirement. So please don’t just take it from me and acknowledge the importance of saving enough for yours and your families future.

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