Tim Guinness: Biography

22nd June 2012 by Tim Guinness

The importance of energy within the global economy is now widely recognised, and the potential of energy investment has caught the eye of a number of fund management groups.  Yet it has not always been so fashionable and one fund manager recognised its significance before anyone else.

Tim Guinness, chief investment officer of Guinness Asset Management, was drawn into energy investment by accident.  Guinness has now re-established an independent firm, specialising in energy and emerging market investment, areas that can bring nuance and depth when added to a portfolio for the long term.

 “Many people think my views are controversial. That’s not how I see it – they may stand contrary to the prevailing market sentiment, but they are the product of detailed, independent research and they will not be swayed by the caprice of the markets.”

Tim Guinness founded Guinness Asset Management in 2003.  He is a descendant of Sir Arthur Guinness (the brewer) and studied engineering at Cambridge University before being headhunted from MIT by Barings Bank.

Guinness Asset Management group now has £550m under management.  In addition to the Global Energy Fund and an Alternative Energy Fund, the firm runs a regional fund for Asia and a fund focused on China and Hong Kong, as well as a Global Equity Income Fund and a Global Thematic Fund, based on identifying and profiting from key economic trends.

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