Facebook and Skype in video chat link-up

7th July 2011

The BBC reports that video chat features are set to become the killer app in the world of social media now that Facebook has announced a partnership with Skype to offer just such a product hard on the heels of one rolled out by its rival Google. The deal means that Facebook's 750 million users will now be able to connect with friends via video and not just through posting messages and poking one another.

The tie-up comes just one week after Google announced its social service called Google+ to a small invited group of users.

"I think the driving narrative for the next five years isn't going to be about wiring up the world," said Mr Zuckerberg, who last week said the new launches would be "awesome".

"It's about what kind of cool stuff are you going to be able to build, what kinds of social apps can you build now that you have this social infrastructure," he said.

Every day 4bn things are shared on Facebook, he said. Today people are sharing twice as much on the site as they were a year ago. And Facebook expects the rates to double every year, pushing exponential growth in activity on the site, reports the Financial Times (paywall).

Mr Zuckerberg emphasised Facebook's vast social infrastructure as the key to future social innovations and said other companies that were best in class, like Skype, should be the ones to build new social tools and applications.

Although Wednesday's announcement did not include group video chat, one of the key features of Google+, Mr Zuckerberg hinted that a Facebook version would be rolled out soon.

At present he has more followers on Google+ than any other user – almost 45,000 as of Wednesday evening, according to Social Statistics.

Maggie Shiels comments on the BBC blog: "But the last thing the social networking behemoth wants is the constant reference that Google, regarded as a Johnny-come-lately as far as social is concerned, got video chat out of the gate first."

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  1. Muttleybag says:

    Nick, no argument with mean reversion. The question is when not if; and in that context an investor would be wise to pay attention to the macroeconomic situation since the problems (you mentioned) are unresolved and if anything getting worse as a result of the current attempts(?) at a solution.

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