Facebook: Social media site embroiled in another privacy row

9th June 2011

Privacy issues reared their head again as The Financial Times (paywall) reported that in the United States users of Facebook have been asked to back a complaint being made to to the Federal Trade Commission by the Electronic Privacy Information Centre.

The EPIC led a similar protest in 2009 against Facebook.

Facebook claimed to have received no user complaints" about the new feature,

The EPIC said the company had introduced the facial recognition feature without alerting users first. It aims to match faces in photos that users upload to their Facebook albums with the names of their friends, then prompts them to "tag" the pictures with the names.

In his IT Watch blog on the Computerworld website Richi Jennings notes that Facebook have apologised for not giving users enough notice.

Privacy issues remain a concern for investors looking to profit from social media. In the UK a on-going debate is raging over the use of super-injunctions and whether UK laws will frustrate the ambitions of the likes of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Are we heading for another tech boom?

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