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14th January 2010

Q: What is a social news and knowledge network?

A: Social news is editorial content that's not focused on product launches, the comings and goings of star fund managers, investment performance, PR-driven stories, industry awards and so on.

Instead it's specifically designed to mirror the interests and conversations of the online investment community.

It plugs identified gaps in the level of understanding evident in these conversations, so that the investors within these communities have the knowledge, views and connections they need to make informed decisions about their investments.

It's a knowledge network because we're plugging investment experts (from our sponsors and from other sources, for instance, academics) directly into the process to contribute opinion and points of view on the investment topics, themes and issues that matter to you; enabling you to benefit from their experience, insight and knowledge.

Q: What's the editorial policy?

A: First and foremost we are editorially independent. We have an editorial team consisting of an editor and a team of journalists and writers and a community manager. They are supported by a team from the Social Business Group, publishers of Mindful Money.  

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