Five things investors learned in the last week

29th November 2013

1) The Netherlands loses its triple A rating. Axa asks if it matters noting that pre-crisis it would have led to significant market movement but not now.

2) The European Central Bank gave its view that Europe must prepare more for Fed Tapering as reported in Investment Week. Shaun Richards discussed both the ECB and the Fed, this week on MMTV.

3) Funding for Lending is to end in the New Year or at least the lending that backs mortgages. The Bank of England will provide Funding for Lending for businesses. Mortgage rates, particularly fixed rate deals may get less attractive. But it should be better news for savers as banks have to try and attract more savers’ cash to back their lending say Savingschampion’s Anna Bowes.

4) It’s controversial but it might be good news for those who held on to their Royal Mail shares as Goldman Sachs puts a target price of 610p on the newly privatised firm.

5)  Schroders makes a fascinating bet on US municipal bonds saying they are undervalued because of bearish sentiment about QE and high profile problem cities such as Detroit. It says the bonds are 27% cheaper than comparable debt as Investment Week reports.

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