Five things investors learned in the last week

13th April 2014

1) Hargreaves Lansdown leads a FTSE sell off as Morgan Stanley cuts its target price to £14.95 from £16.70 but topping the FCA complaints table for investment companies can’t have helped HL either.

2) Something to burst the housing bubble sir? At Mindful Money, we think this may be very pertinent. The Mortgage Market Review which forces lenders to assess not just income but borrowers’ spending could actually put a brake on the mortgage market and just maybe the housing market outside London. Something to factor into your investments? One surveying firm says it is seeing mortgages falling back as lenders introduce the new affordability checks.

3) The BBC asks a most pertinent question – why are tech stocks on the slide? The slide has spread to Asia, though some commentators suggest a little sense is returning to valuations.

4) Greece gets its euro £3bn bond away and with ease but the Guardian’s Larry Elliott warns that the investors are taking a lot of risk. He sees parallels with Argentina, which, briefly came back into favour before returning to pariah status.

5) The European Central Bank says it will unleash QE if the euro continues to rise as the Telegraph reports. On Mindful Money Darius McDermott has a positive view of what this would mean for European stocks.

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