Five things investors learned in the last week

2nd May 2014

1) RBS is back in profit to the tune of £1.6bn in the first quarter. Brokers maintain a hold, but the Share Centre still prefers HSBC and Lloyds. An investment for the reasonably brave perhaps? Maybe investors will want to pick up shares in TSB with at least 25% of shares due to be floated off soon.

2) AstraZenica rebuffs Pfizer’s upgraded offer of £50 a share. The firm is valued at a massive £63bn or a 39% premium on its pre-bid price. We suspect that many retail investors would accept at this level. Not the AstraZenica board. Or not yet.

3) Those planning their estates but with a lot still in the drawdown policy may be very interested in this topic. Pension firm Standard Life calls for reform of death benefits and a type of merger with the more general IHT regime.

4) We think many investors will also be interested in the shares of Saga when it floats. But the devil is in the detail argues Mindful Money.

5) SelfTrade continues its retreat from the UK selling its business involving 200,000 accounts and £4n book to Equiniti. Equiniti provides a platform for BT’s corporate share scheme so it knows how to do the admin bit, but its broader plans remain unclear.

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