Five things investors learned in the last week (from the Budget)

23rd March 2014

1) With the Budget changes there is, to all intents and purposes to be a double ISA season. You can invest more cash in July this year. Excellent if you have the extra money. The  Telegraph considers what is better – the New ISA or the improved pension.

2) It’s not just Isas. Money Marketing described the annuity and drawdown liberalisation as a pension bombshell and that will see more cash – potentially freed up. You can take more from drawdown from this week (if the insurers can cope). The website lists who will and who won’t change.

3) If you have already set in motion the process to buy an annuity some insurers have increased their cancellation period so you can think again with Hargreaves Lansdown listing the firms.

4) Let’s not forget savers. Skipton says its fixed rate cash Isa investors can broaden out to £15,000 in July. All this and new pensioner bonds too.

5) Not a great week, if you liked holding insurers in a share portfolio. Citywire surveys City of London opinion on the damage done and whether it is permanent.

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