Five things investors learned in the last week

16th February 2013

1) Warren Buffett does not apparently hate all private equity houses, despite having lambasted them in the past, as he teams up with Brazil’s 3G for the $23bn buyout of Heinz as the BBC reports. Time simply suggests Buffett loves ketchup, but teaming up with anyone is a radical departure. Sadly it does mean investors can’t buy Heinz shares any more . They can buy Buffett’s firm Berkshire Hathaway but that is a different variety of investment.

2) Having faced some criticism, Invesco Perpetual’s fund manager Neil Woodford still has strong support from broker Hargreaves Lansdown’s fund expert Mark Dampier. Dampier relates his continued belief in Woodford’s approach as he outlines on trade website Money Marketing describing a recent meeting with Woodford.

3) The Bank of England expects inflation to remain above its target of 2 per cent for the next two years and Governor Mervyn King says it may well rise above three per cent as the BBC reports.

4) Not all strategists believe we are seeing a great rotation from bonds to equities. Actually, says Jeffrey Rosenberg, Chief Investment Strategist for Fixed Income at BlackRock the money is moving from cash, though a great rotation could happen soon as Mindful Money reports.

5) Supermarket share prices have not suffered despite the horse meet fiasco of the last few weeks. Investors believe that it would take a lot to see customers desert them though it may alter the contents of the shopping basket. And yet does it perhaps have implications for relations with suppliers as the Guardian Nils Pratley asks here and does that mean margin pressure?

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