Five things investors learned last week

14th April 2013

1. The Cyprus bailout has increased from euro 17.5billion to euro 23 billion as the  BBC reports. It is tempting to say euro 23 billion and rising given the pattern of previous bailouts as Shaun Richards suggests on Mindful Money.

2. George Soros presents his solution to the euro crisis – EU zone wide bonds. He says otherwise Germany, the main opponent, should leave the currency. Tough words.

3. Margaret Thatcher’s death provokes prolonged debate about her legacy. One big issue is whether the Big Bang in the City is a plus that helped revive Britain or a blunder that freed things up too much and ultimately led to the financial crisis. Or was that New Labour’s fault? The answers are probably more nuanced than either side will acknowledge.

4. The UK will see a rise in oil and gas output this year with a record £13bn investment and 470m barrels expected to be extracted in 2013 as the Telegraph reports.

5. Goldman Sachs tips Asia as the market to beat until 2015 reported in investment trade newspaper Investment Week.

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