Five things investors learned this week

30th May 2014

1. Drugs and prostitution are to add around £10bn annually to the economy as Investment Week reports. Shaun Richards is a little cynical about the numbers.

2. More than half of pension investors are delaying their annuity purchase, but they need to be aware there is a reported risk to their tax free cash as trade website Corporate Adviser suggests. The government is worrying about losing revenue if the reforms go through as planned.

3. Ratings agency Moody’s has the  blues about many of Europe’s banks downgrading the long term outlook to negative on 82 banks as Digital Look reports.

4. Henderson fund manager Chris Burville tips the FTSE to hit 7,500 he says in an interview with Citywire.

5. Qatar and UAE are promoted to emerging markets status, yet some fund managers say valuations are now on the high side so maybe investors should be cautious before they follow the index trackers into these markets.

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