Five things investors learned this week

22nd November 2013

1) Eclectica’s Hugh Hendry abandons his bearish stance saying it may be three years or more before a crash comes and he can’t afford to wait. He will be following trends as the qualitative people have got out. It’s worth a read as Investment Week reports.

2) St James’s Place has a huge salesforce of advisers across the UK but very rarely gets into regulatory trouble. One rogue adviser has done a bit of damage as the firm pays out £1.3m in redress as Citywire reports.

3) An assertion that will be familiar to savers in Britain. European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi says that keeping interest rates low helps the economy and thus helps savers as the Wall Street Journal reports. We wonder what his mail bag with say.

4) The UK recovery is starting look like a balanced one. The best quarter since 1994 for manufacturers says the CBI and they should know.

5) This was certainly something one wouldn’t have imagined pre-financial crisis. Goldman Sachs Michael Sherwood outlines how things have changed in an exclusive interview with Channel Four News’ Faisal Islam. The bank strikes a reasonable and in some cases, contrite tone. But it wouldn’t want the UK outside the EU.

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