Five things investors learned this week

16th March 2013

1)      The Bank of England Governor Mervyn King believes the pound has found its level and markets have reacted accordingly though currency broker HiFX says economic fundamentals will eventually prove more important than even the views of such a VIP banker.

2)      Richard Buxton has shocked the market by announcing he is quitting his firm Schroders for Old Mutual. Of course, the news means he is also quitting the Schroder UK growth fund. The Telegraph reports the news. Investors will have to consider their position, but we suggest no hasty decisions. He is not leaving quite yet.

3)      With Samsung launching its new phone, we turn to tech site CNet which suggests it could be the hottest phone of the year. Is Samsung reeling Apple in the phone space? A rivalry to watch because of what it means for Apple’s share price

4)      U-switch says the cost of living has risen five times faster than wages in the last five years as the Daily Mail reports. Bills are up 25 per cent for a basket of goods put together by the website.

5)      Mindful Money reports that S&P IQ Capital believes that corporate bonds outside of financial are getting riskier but demand is up.

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