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9th June 2014

With all football fans’ eyes turning towards Brazil awaiting the FIFA World Cup to kick-off, the  DVLA has revealed the top 10 football number plates that they have sold.

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Topping the table is WE57 HAM with their fellow London team AR53 NAL joint second with HU11 CTY. EN61 AND finished mid-table in seventh place and PRE 570N prop up the table in tenth.

Top 10 football number plates

Number plate Price Date sold
WE57 HAM £57,000 Oct 2007
AR53 NAL £36,000 Oct 2004
HU11 CTY £36,000 Mar 2013
V1 LLA £35,000 Nov 2000
ALB 10N £19,000 Mar 1990
DER 8Y £14,500 May 2003
EN61 AND £12,000 July 2012
S41 NTS £11,500 Mar 2003
UTD 80Y £10,000 May 2011
PRE 570N £9,400 May 2003

Since DVLA started selling personalised registrations 25 years ago £2 billion has been raised for HM Treasury.

Roads Minister, Stephen Hammond said: “Many football fans want to show their support for their team in all aspects of their life, and displaying a number plate that links them to their club is a fun way to do this. As a lifelong fan of Southampton I’ll be watching England’s games with pride. While these numbers have already been sold, there are a host of World Cup numbers available to buy from DVLA from £399.”

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