For average investors, long odds on a big Facebook payday

18th May 2012


For Average Investors, Long Odds on a Big Facebook Payday

Facebook could be the next Google, whose shares now trade at more than six times their offering price, but it could also suffer the fate of Zynga, Groupon and other start-ups that came out of the gate strong, then quickly fell back, writes Nathaniel Porter. Deal Book


When China slows, who slows with it?

"Particularly exposed are those that have not only bought into the idea of China growing indefinitely at close to double digit rates but have also bought into the export-led growth model themselves." Beyond Brics


Recovery Begins When Addiction Ends: An Open Letter to Jamie Dimon

Occupy Wall Street stages an intervention on behalf of the CEO: "stop gambling with our money and our futures, admit that your bank is too big to take risks that neither you nor anyone in your bank understands and resign as Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York." Naked Capitalism


Does undergraduate economics education need to change?

Stephen King says "no" but acknowledges that economics training often seems to ignore the basics and wants to scale new heights before students are ready. Core Economics


Them that's got shall get

As Minnesota's governor, Mark Dayton, signed into law a deal authorising a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings (NFL), studies have shown that the economic impact of these projects is usually negligible, while the public debt can be considerable. Free Exchange


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