Forget period features and en-suite bathrooms. Homebuyers want fast broadband, a clear mobile signal and TV space

20th April 2015


Warmth and security top the list of essentials house-hunters are looking for in a property these days, according to a new survey from

In contrast good schools, en-suite bathrooms and period features, are way down the priority list.

Some 78% of respondents cited central heating as the ‘must-have’ feature followed by secure windows and doors, at 73%, and double-glazing, at 72%.

Access to good broadband also ranked highly, with 70% of those surveyed saying that access to speed of above 2Mb was essential.

The research also revealed that 40% want space for a TV of at least 42 inches, while just 13% desired highly rated local schools. Elsewhere merely 14% wanted an open fireplace and 7% were looking for period features.

Rank Top 20 property ‘must-have’ features %
1 Central heating 78
2 Secure windows and doors 73
3 Double glazing 72
4 Good broadband speed (above 2Mb) 70
5 A garden 69
6 A land line telephone 62
7 A bath 59
8 A cooker 57
9 Off road parking 56
10 Reliable, clear mobile phone signal 56
11 Local shops and amenities 55
12 Friendly neighbours 52
13 A good energy efficiency rating 50
14 A shower cubicle 49
15 Cavity wall insulation 48
16 Satellite TV 43
17 At least 2 toilets 43
18 A garage 42
19 A dining room 42
20 Living room big enough to house a 42 inch TV or bigger 40

Features fewer buyers want included:

Ben Wilson, from home insurance commented: “Given the cost of gas and electricity in the last few years and the rise in the cost of living generally, energy efficiency has become an increasingly important consideration with double glazing and cavity wall insulation making it into the top 20 ‘must-have’ home features.

“The increasing role that technology and in-home entertainment plays in our everyday lives is also apparent. In particular, access to a good broadband connection and mobile phone signal were both ranked highly – making them ‘modern home essentials’.”

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