Forget winter sun, cold Christmas holidays are cheaper

4th December 2015


It might be an expensive time of year but there’s good news if you’re after a Christmas holiday as prices have fallen.


The cost of a Christmas holiday has fallen an average of 6.6% in the past year, according to M&S Bank, with Sweden the most affordable traditional Christmas destination.


While winter sun costs a premium at the moment, those who want to visit cold climate and partake in festive activities such as sleigh rides will find Christmas destinations £875 cheaper on average than winter sun destinations.


The cost of visiting Stockholm in Sweden over Christmas comes in at an average of £440 per person and a total cost for a family of four of £1,760 – down 5.6% on last year. The pound has strengthened 11.3% against the Swedish krona in the past year, making it ideal for those on a budget.


Hamburg in Germany is also a good bet, cost £469 per person and 3.5% cheaper than last year. Salzburg in Austria also makes it into the top three at a cost of £639 per person, down 9% on last year.


Finland saw the largest fall in price, down 17.4% but it is still the third most expensive winter destination at £3,560 for a family of four, mostly due to activities such as sleigh rides.


Those looking to escape the cold can expect to pay significantly more despite costs falling on average 8.2% on last year.


For the second year in a row, only two winter sun destinations are included in the top 10 most affordable holidays; Cyprus and Canary Islands.


With low cost short-haul flights to Cyprus a family of four can expect to pay £2,464 and £4,608 for a holiday in the Canary Islands.


Paul Stokes, head of products at M&S Bank, said: ‘The cost of a holiday has fallen  almost  across  the board this Christmas, making it more affordable for  families  to book a getaway. With plenty of festive themed activities, traditional  Christmas  holiday  destinations  offer an alternative holiday experience at an affordable price.


‘While  those  hoping  for  some winter sun this Christmas will face higher premiums, particularly when visiting a long-haul destination, they will be pleased to see that prices have still decreased significantly on last year. It’s  important  that  travellers  to  plan ahead to make the most of their holiday budget.’


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