Free direct investment guide aims to get to the heart of what matters for investors

30th July 2014

An investment platform consultancy, the Lang Cat, has launched a free-to-download direct investment guide. “Come and have a go: a direct approach to platform investing” is a must-read for all investors, from the seasoned self-investors to those just dipping a toe into the direct investment world.

The guide is available here The Lang Cat says the guide cuts through industry jargon, disregards the marketing noise and gets to the heart of what really matters to direct investors. It also claims to dispel some myths, raises some important issues for consideration and, in a light-hearted way, has a poke at some of the more questionable practices at play once the direct provider of your choice has persuaded you to part with your hard-earned money.

Mark Polson, principal at the lang cat, says: “So far as we know, this is the first free direct investment guide of its kind. Advisers have access to all kinds of analysis and useful information on investment platform providers – we reckon direct investors should have the same kind of resources available to them.

In the Guide we suggest that a direct investor should know four things about themselves before they start: how much they have to invest, what products they want to invest through (like NISAs or pensions), what assets they want to invest in and how they plan to behave. There are then 7 key things to measure providers against – one of these is price. This guide covers all of these important points.”

The Guide also hands out awards for those providers who are excelling for particular types of investors, reviews each platform and provides a handy checklist for investors to use when considering which provider to invest through.

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