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5th December 2012

What is Mindful Money?

Mindful Money is a site designed to meet the information needs of investors and savers in the United Kingdom. It will aim to bring you the latest investment and economic news from across the UK and around the world backed by as many challenging news and views as we can gather.

What is different about Mindful Money?

As well as debating the big headline news, Mindful Money will seek to bring you the stories behind the news and trawl the web for sources of information that will challenge received wisdom.

Who is it aimed at?

The site will cater to all of those with some interest in their investments and in the economic context in which they invest. You may own a few Individual Savings Accounts or indeed very many. You may take an active interest in where your pension is invested. You may have some holdings in individual shares. You may want to understand some of the reasons for where we are economically. If so, the site will cater to you.

What is the business model?

The Mindful Money business model is currently under review but will involve a mixture of advertising and sponsorship. But we will give you more information about this as our thinking develops.

Will Mindful Money seek to replace independent financial advisers? No. The website is very much in favour of financial advice. It is likely, however, that some investors will decide not to pay for advice under the new charging regime being planned by the Government and the financial watchdog the FSA. We will seek to equip all our readers with as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions whether they want to manage their own investments or seek out the services of an adviser. But we will continue to argue that in many cases and certainly where complex planning is involved, it is often advisable to seek out the services of a good financial adviser.

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