German cars top the ‘most wanted’ list but motorists say they also have the worst drivers

11th August 2015


Luxury brands including Audi, BMW and Mercedes top the list of car brands motorists most want to own but owners of these ‘must have’ vehicles have also been voted the worst drivers according to new research.

The survey from revealed that Audi topped the poll of most desired car brands, with 29% of respondents saying they would like to own one.  BMW took silver in the poll with 26%, followed by Mercedes Benz which was a ‘must have’ for 25%. On the flip side Mitsubishi, Jeep and Subaru came bottom.

The survey of over 1,570 drivers, also asked participants which car brands they thought have the worst drivers.  Interestingly, prestige car brands BMW, Audi and Mercedes top the list of car brands considered to have the worst drivers.

Commenting on the research, Matt Oliver,’s car insurance spokesman said: “While Audio, BMW and Mercedes were voted the ‘must have’ cars in our survey, owners of these cars also appear to have the worst reputation for their driving.

“Hopefully, if any aspiring Audi, BMW or Mercedes owners who took part in our survey do get to own these cars, they will remember their driving etiquette and help overturn these brands’ unfortunate reputation.”

Rank Top 10 Car brands motorists most want to own %
1 Audi 29
2 BMW 26
3 Mercedes Benz 25
4 Jaguar 20
5 Volkswagen 19
6 Ford 18
7 Range Rover 17
8 Porsche 12
9 Lexus 11
10 Toyota 11
Rank Car brands considered to have the worst drivers %
1 BMW 39
2 Mercedes 18
3 Audi 16
4 Subaru 11
5 Jeep 9
6 Range Rover 8
7 Ford 8
8 Jaguar 8
9 Volvo 7
10 Porsche 7


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