German Watchdog orders Volkswagen to recall 2.4m cars

15th October 2015

Embattled carmaker Volkswagen has been ordered to recall a massive 2.4m vehicles in Germany by the nation’s automotive watchdog according to BBC News.

The instruction comes on the back of the diesel emissions scandal. German media report have indicated that the KBA threw out the company’s plea that owners could voluntarily bring in their cars.

Elsewhere, the BBC states that Italian police have raided VW offices in Verona and Lamborghini offices in Bologna, allegedly as a result of commercial fraud.

In September, US authorities discovered some VW diesel cars had been fitted with software enabling cars to cheat on emissions tests.

It later emerged that up to 11m vehicles globally could have had the device fitted.

The company, which has witnessed its share price tumble almost 20% since the scandal broke, is presently conducting investigation.

New chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch has urged that answers would take “some time”. VW has set aside a staggering €6.5bn (£4.8bn) to cover the costs of the scandal, but some anticipate that the final bill could be far steeper.

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