Germany would rather see UK leave the EU than compromise on migration

3rd November 2014


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged that she would prefer to see the UK leave the European Union rather than give in to migration reform.

According to a report in German publication Der Spiegel, Merkel allegedly fears that Britain is approaching a “point of no return”.

This is reportedly the first time Merkel has said that a UK exit from the EU Is a possibility.

A report on the BBC claimed that the prime minister asserted that freedom of movement would be “at the very heart of my renegotiation strategy for Europe”.

But Der Spiegel has claimed Merkel will pull her support for the UK’s continued EU membership if David Cameron continues to push for an overhaul of the migration rules.

The Sunday Times also reported this weekend that Cameron is now looking at whether the government can ask EU immigrants to leave the country unless they can support themselves within three months of arriving in the UK.

Conservative MP Kenneth Clarke defended EU migration. Speaking to BBC’s Sunday Politics, he said: “If you’re going to have a sensible single market, if we want to compete with the Americans and the Chinese and so on, we need the free movement of labour.”

A spokesperson for Downing Street said Cameron would make a speech on immigration before Christmas, and stressed “you can be sure he will always put Britain first”, the BBC report added.

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