Global stock market mayhem “is just the start of the volatility”

4th January 2016


The market mayhem which has kick-started the New Year is just the start of the volatility according to deVere Group.

However the independent financial advisory organisation asserted that investors should seek out the inevitable upside.

The comments come as more than £34bn was wiped off the FTSE within an hour on the first day of trading in 2016.  There were similar falls across other major European and Asian indices.

It market falls come on the back of concerns over China’s slowdown, with Shanghai’s stock market having to be suspended earlier on Monday having lost some 7% of its value thanks to weak manufacturing data.

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Markets were also affected on Monday by the uncertainty being triggered by growing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Nigel Green, deVere Group CEO said: “Volatility is likely to rip through financial markets in the first half of 2016.  Today’s turbulence is only the beginning.

“There’s a cocktail of uncertainty, with the main ingredients including China’s economic woes, higher interest rates in the U.S., historically low oil prices, Britain’s referendum on exiting the EU, and increasing tensions in the Middle East.”

But despite the rough market conditions, Green believes there are reasons for investors to be cheerful. For example, a lower oil price will not only boost household budgets, which is likely to increase disposable income, but the travel sector, amongst others, will reap the rewards.

He added: “Another example would be that Japanese and European shares are likely to do well on the back of interest rate hikes in the U.S.

“Indeed, volatility of the kind that 2016 will be shaped by should not necessarily be feared.  Volatility can represent enormous opportunity. When markets fall, it is a chance for investors to start putting new money to work into the market at lower prices.

“Whilst it is almost impossible to forecast with accuracy what the stock market will do in the immediate future, it can be pretty predictable over the longer-term.

“As such, volatility can provide important buying opportunities; and on a broader note, it is best to simply feed money in over time in a measured way in order to take advantage of the beneficial long-term trend of stock markets.”

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