Top British stock picks for HRH – BAE Systems, St James’s Place & BT

7th September 2015


As we approach the commemoration date for Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Ian Forrest, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, picks three long lasting British stock picks for investors…

BAE Systems

As a defense equipment company, which is a major supplier to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, BAE Systems is a long-term stock for investors to watch. In the UK, there is a need to retain our own defense manufacturing capability and BAE Systems has proved a good long-term option for investors. It is important to note that prospects in the sector have improved, as orders from other countries remain strong.

As a medium risk stock with a good dividend, we are currently recommending BAE Systems as a ‘buy’ for investors seeking a balanced portfolio.

St James’s Place

This wealth management firm is a good long-term investment. The group has proven its worth and this looks as though it is due to continue, with positive growth prospects in both the UK and Asia. The growing need for individuals to make their own retirement provisions and the changing demographics in the UK are also helping the group. St. James is an apt name in this context given that it is also the name of the senior royal palace and the royal court.

For investors interested in this insurance sector group, we are currently recommending its shares as a ‘buy’ for those willing to take a medium level of risk and wanting to achieve or add to a balanced portfolio.


Charles II originally founded this great British fixed-line telecom group in 1660. Originally part of the Post Office, BT employs good long-term prospects thanks to its dominance over expanding broadband Internet usage in the UK. The group is also furthering its activity in TV and mobile services, which should deliver further growth and bolster its position at the center of the UK telecoms sector.

As with our other two long-term British stocks, we are currently recommending BT as a ‘buy’ for investors with a balanced portfolio seeking a medium level of risk.

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