Greece: can’t pay/won’t pay?

25th May 2012


‘The death of equities'… again?

"Institutional investors, from pension funds to mutual funds sold directly to the public, have slashed holdings in the past decade. Stocks have not been so far out of favour for half a century. Many declare the ‘cult of the equity' dead." FT Alphaville


Reinstating an Old Rule Is Not a Cure for Crisis

If the Glass-Steagall Act had still been around in 2008, it probably would not have prevented the financial crisis, writes Andrew Ross Sorkin. Deal book


Greece: Can't Pay/Won't Pay?

Mark Harrison says economic history suggests that it is exceptionally difficult to persuade a country to hand over a significant fraction of its national income to foreigners over any sustained period of time. "Naked force will do the trick, but nothing less will do." Mark Harrison's Blog


Eurobonds: Just because you want to ignore economics does not mean that economics will ignore you

Eamon Butler explains why the "eurobond" idea will distort the price mechanism and why the system builds in moral hazard for over-spent and over-borrowed countries like Greece and Italy to take advantage of the collective guarantee made by all 17 eurozone nations. Adam Smith Institute


Neither the Fed Nor the ECB Can Stop What's Coming

After numerous rounds of monetary easing by both the Federal Reserve and the ECB, Graham Summers believes that recent statements – especially from Ben Bernanke, show that central bankers are finally coming around to the fact that monetary actions have not solved the issues that led to the crisis. Zero Hedge


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