Greece has just six days to come up with new reforms to seal next bailout

9th April 2015


The eurozone has warned that Greece has just six working days to drum-up a new list of reforms if it is to agree a deal on its next bailout.

According to BBC News finance ministers across the currency bloc want an agreement on the €7.2bn loan in time for a Eurogroup meeting on 24 April.

An EU official said: “If you take into account weekends and Orthodox Easter, there are only six days left.” The news follows Greece meeting Thursday’s deadline to repay €460m to global crisis lender, the International Monetary Fund.

However, substantially bigger debt repayments need to be met within the coming weeks.

But Alexis Tsipras, prime minister of the economically embattled nation has asserted that Greece cannot service its debt without European Union financial help.

Without new money it will struggle to renew €2.4bn in treasury bonds due to mature in the middle of April, or repay another €0.8m to the IMF on 12 May the BBC reported.

In addition, it also has to find cash to pay wages and pensions. The country is still in the middle of negotiating an easing of the reforms, which are part of the conditions of the rescue bailout.

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