Guide to Advice may be a timely launch in this do-it-yourself market

20th June 2013

The internet has slowly but surely revolutionised how people buy financial products and services. A new website – – is aiming to help you to navigate this world with an overview of hundreds of financial websites now on offer.

Here is founder Kim North explaining the thinking. “Guidetoadvice has launched the first in-depth, searchable and reviewed directory for consumers seeking websites that provide information, financial guidance and advice, or looking for websites where financial products can be bought online all free for consumers.  Over 110 financial services websites have been reviewed and rated in a specialist directory, with more to be added on a regular basis.”

It is certainly a timely launch. When it comes to searching out and researching funds and fund management expertise or simply looking for ways to access passive exposure to different markets, there is a growing group of people who want to understand investment and then do things themselves.

In addition, those who use financial advisers are increasingly equipping themselves with more information and even many advisers themselves say they prefer to deal with these informed clients.

Finally there is a group of potentially orphaned clients whose numbers could run to several million. They may have been told they do not have enough assets to make it cost effective for their IFA to advise them or – and we think this is much more likely – their bank no longer offers advice to the mass market and regards them as part of the masses (even if they have a bank account and use other bank services). A huge number of high street banks have withdrawn from this part of the market and set very high minimums to access advice.

In this sort of environment, there is no shortage of websites which want to provide you with information. They also want you to buy something. That sounds fair enough of course especially if you want to buy something too. These sites have to make a living. We also think some of them are more explicit and better at disclosing what they are doing than others. The guide to advice may help you navigate things better or take a short cut to what you really need.

It looks like it is certainly worth a road test.

5 thoughts on “Guide to Advice may be a timely launch in this do-it-yourself market”

  1. just a thought says:

    Hi Shaun,

    To understand the present situation in Ukraine, I suggest you to read the excellent novel written by Mikhail Bulgakov “The white guard”.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi just a thought

      Thank you I will look it up.

  2. Noo 2 Economics says:

    they probably forgot about it and still haven’t remembered……..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Andrew and thank you

    In the current turmoil it must be very difficult for the Ukrainian statistical service. I read earlier for example that the water went off in Donetsk today. If pressed I would guess that in many places inflation for essentials is higher than reported. As to output we got news this afternoon that industrial production was down 12.1% on a year on year basis in July.

    On top of all this it is not clear to me that IMF style austerity is going to help and could precipitate another Greece style collapse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pavlaki

    There was a lot of enmity in the past as I discovered when reading about Stalingrad and the number of Ukrainians who had joined the German side. The one good thing about the current situation is that Germany poses no military threat. But the economic situation is very troubled for a country with so much going for it.

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