How to end this depression

8th May 2012


How to End This Depression

"The depression we're in is essentially gratuitous. Recovery would be almost ridiculously easy to achieve. All we need is to reverse the austerity policies of the past couple of years and temporarily boost spending" The New York Review of Books


How economists have misunderstood inequality               

What's actually driving the gap between the richest and poorest? Does it hurt economic growth, or is it largely benign? Should it be reversed? Can it be reversed? Economist James Galbraith tries to answer these questions in this interview. The Washington Post


Why Aren't There More Jobs?

In response to Friday's disappointing US job numbers, Michael Sivy says mediocre growth, overly cautious corporations and government cutbacks are three main reasons why the US economy isn't generating enough jobs. TIME


Slow recoveries after financial crises?

The conventional wisdom says that recessions that follow financial crises last longer than other recessions. In this blog post, however, John Cochrane argues that financial crises certainly don't always and inevitably lead to longer recessions as some have suggested. The Grumpy Economist


Ditching, at least for the moment, macroeconomics

Tim Worstall suggests that we concentrate on the parts of economics where we know that we're at least roughly right. Because, macroeconomics is not a science that has proven itself in the way that chemistry, biology, or various branches of microeconomics have proven themselves. Adam Smith Institute


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