Infographic: How China Manipulates Its Currency

23rd May 2012


OPEC Has Lost The Power To Lower The Price of Oil

"No region – from OPEC to Non-OPEC, from Africa to Russia — has the single-handed ability to lower the price of oil now, because none can bring on new supply quickly enough for a long-enough sustained period of time." Zero Hedge


U.S. Manufacturing Makes a Comeback

Bruce Katz and Martin Neil Baily look at the past five quarters of US economic data to investigate  how the strength of the manufacturing sector is helping support the nation's economic recovery – with a particular emphasis on key metropolitan areas in a 21st century dominated by high-tech industries. The Brookings Institution


Why a Greek Exit Could Be Much Worse than Expected

More than one kind of damaging domino effect is possible if Greece is forced to abandon the euro, writes Michael Sivy. TIME


Infographic: How China Manipulates Its Currency

This infographic explains the mechanics of China's currency manipulation in "five easy steps." The Atlantic


John Quiggin on Utopia

In this interview, the Australian economist and author of Zombie Economics says we need to inspire people with a view of a better society that we can achieve within our available resources. The Browser


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