Investor confidence holding up despite threat of Grexit

19th February 2015


Despite the abundance of uncertainty clouding stockmarkets investor confidence remains relatively robust claims new research from Halifax.

The lender’s Share Dealing Market Tracker found that despite the ongoing talks between Greece and Eurozone finance ministers, speculation over a Greek exit (Grexit), one in five or 20% of investors remains confident that Greece will remain in the currency bloc.

In addition a third, at 34% do not believe it will have a significant impact on their investments.

Of the industries investors feel will see the biggest impact, financial services, including investment companies, banks, insurance and property services, is top with two fifths, or 40% agreeing that these are likely to be impacted by a ‘Grexit’ situation.

However, it is yet to dampen demand for the sector, as it remains the second most popular, with two thirds, at 67.7% continuing to hold stocks in this area, marking an 8.7% increase on the month before.

Meanwhile, despite oil prices remaining muted for some time, energy and mining stock remains the most popular choice for investors for the third consecutive month. In fact, the number of investors has risen by 18.8% in the past year. Other big risers over the year include consumer and retail products, up 16%, and general industries, ahead by 16.8%.

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